Flu Vaccinations Are Now In Surgery, Please Call Us On 01706 628628 For An Appointment.
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From Monday July 13th 2015 you will no longer be able to order your prescriptions by phoning the surgery.
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Important Information

We are taking the unusual step of contacting you because of urgency. We need your help during this time of change. These changes will make sure that your medical care and York House Surgery will continue well into the future.

As from Tuesday 1st September, open surgeries will cease. All consultations will be by appointment from that date. To help you, we will be improving our telephone consultation service significantly. We will be increasing the number of telephone consultations and will be able to give you a likely time for your call.

Here’s a reminder about how you can make any appointment:

  • Phone the surgery on 01706 628628 and choose the appointment option
  • Call into the surgery and ask a receptionist
  • On the York House website – www.yorkhousesurgery.co.uk You need to be registered on the website to use it. (Half of our patients now do this.)

If you are not yet registered to use the website and you or family member want to, you can do this by:

  • Visiting our registration Area
  • Asking at reception
  • Here are some helpful , additional services that you can use:

    • NHS Choices website is an excellent source of information.
    • Consult with the pharmacist at your chosen pharmacy, especially about medication and minor illness.
    • Phone 111 which is the number for NHS Direct. They provide advice and will direct you to the most appropriate service.

    Please note that our Out of Hours service remains unchanged.

    We understand that these changes will cause some difficulty but we would be very grateful for your support, understanding and patience as we make these necessary changes.