Patient Participation Group

Our patient participation group was set up in 2005 to enable our patients to help facilitate the shaping and developing of services both in the practice and the community we serve.

If you would like to email the group with any suggestions, comments or feedback, positive or negative then you can email them on for the attention of the chair. Or if you simply would like to attend the meetings, then email your details as shown below to this email address and an invitation will be send to you.

Who Is Involved In The Group?

The group who are all patients registered at the practice and reside in the local area.
The group is chaired by David Rothwell along with the practice manager and responsible for organising the meetings and distributing various documentation. More information on is available on request

When & How Often Does The Group Meet?

The group currently meets twice per year at the practice, however this may change in the future as the group becomes more established.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are interested in joining the group you need to be an active patient subscribed on our practice. Please send us an email to

  • With your complete name
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • and the request to get involve on the patient representation group

About National Association of Patient Participation

N.A.P.P has over 30 years experience and expertise in promoting, supporting and developing Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and has developed a full range of resources that can support practices and PCT’s in establishing a patient participation group.

Patient Participation Groups make an important contribution to the well-being of their communities. Their activities include health promotion, information provision, service delivery, fundraising and strategic input to the practice.

For more information on National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P) visit their website at