How to Book or Cancel an Appointment

How to make an appointment

Important. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in.

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Book yor next appointment online in only 59 seconds

1. Once you are logged on into the Patient Access, go to Book an appointment
2. In the filter area you are able to select a specific clinician on the “Pick a person” option, or “pick a clinician gender”.
Drop down to see the available dates, clinicians, and hours up to 3 weeks in advance.
Click on the box with the time that you deem convenient for your appointment.

3. You will see a complete description of your appointment. The “Enter your reason for the¬†appointment” box is optional. Then click on Book to confirm the appointment.

4. Now your appointment is done, you will receive a text message to your mobile phone with the appointment information.The first message will be sent up to two weeks prior to appointment and then a final reminder up to two days before.The screen will show two options, check the steps 5 and 6 where we are going to explain these options.
Please attend the surgery at the appointed time selected with the printed confirmation. If you are unable to print the confirmation, please don’t worry just write the details and bring them with you. (ignore¬†steps 5 and 6).

5. Option one: Add to calendar.
The screen “Add to calendar” will allow you to save the appointment information in your electronic calendars:Google calendar: will open a new window where you will need to log-in into your Google account, then you can save the appointment information in your Google calendar.
Outlook calendar: will download a file, once downloaded, click on it and outlook will recognize the calendar file, then save the information in your Outlook calendar.

6. Option two: Print confirmation.
Click on the “Print” button to print your confirmation.

7. Your new appointment will be displayed in the appointment area in the Patient Access home page.

8. Exist 3 different types of appointments.
Telephone: The doctor will call you via telephone to make the consultation. (book by phone only)
Practice: When you need to attend the practice for the consultation. (book online)
Home Visit: The doctor will visit you in your home. (book by phone only)
Please note that EMIS(Dr.) is the name of our reservation system, telephone and home visits will be with the doctor that is available at the appointment time.

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How to cancel an appointment

1. In the appointment area inside the Patient Access System, simply click Cancel in the appointment that you want to cancel.
2. The screen will show you a cancellation confirmation, please click on the Cancel button again.
3. Click on view your appointments to go back to the home page, or click Book a new appointment and follow the instructions to book a new one.
4. Now your appointment has been cancelled, and will be deleted from the appointments list.

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