How to Request a Repeat Prescrition

Request repeat prescription

Important. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in.

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Order your repeat prescription online in only 45 seconds

1. Once you are logged into Patient Access System, go to Request a repeat prescription.
2. You can now see all your repeat medications, select the medicines that you want to request by clicking on the square box at the left side,
is important to enter the name of your pharmacy in the right field (see red arrow in the image below).
Write a message related to your order only if necessary, Now please click on Submit Request.
3. In the confirmation screen click on “Confirm”. If you want to modify the request please click on “Change the request” or click on “Cancel the request” if you want to cancel it.
4. Your prescription request has been confirmed, your doctor will look at your request. Now please Go to homepage.
5. In the Patient Access home page. Your new request is going to be displayed in the Repeat Prescription area, the request status on the right will be updated once the doctor accepts or rejects your request, the statuses are:- Requested: waiting for the practice to process.- Rejected: contact your practice for reason.
Accepted: the request has been approved. Please allow up to 2 working days before collection.

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