How to Contact The Practice

Send a message

Important. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in.

1. Once you are logged into Patient Access System, go to Send a message
2. Enter a subject for your message, in the message field write your question or message.
Is important that you don’t use this option to send urgent messages or private information.  If you have an urgent enquiry please call us on 01706 628628. Once your message is done, pelase click on the Send Button.
3. In the confirmation screen click Yes, send the message.
You can cancel the message by clicking on “No, don’t sent it” or edit the message by clicking on “Make changes first”.
4. Now your message has been sent, click on Go to homepage.
5. To check your sent or old messages click on the Sent Messages tab, and the list of messages will be displayed. Click on “View” to open the messages.
6. The answer to your message, will be displayed under your Inbox tab, just click on “View” to open the message.
7. To send a new message please repeat the process from step 1.

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