How to Update Your Contact Details

Update your contact details

Important. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in.

1. Once you are logged on to Patient Access System, go to Update your Details
2. Your current details will be displayed, click the “Edit” button.
3. On the Change Detail screen you will be able to modify your details by simply clicking and typing on any field.
Once you have updated your details, click on “Save Changes” button.
4. In the next screen you can review your changes.  If you want to modify something, click on “Don’t Save Changes” and repeat the process from step one.
If your new details are correct, for security you will need to type your Patient Access password in the password field, then click on Save Changes.
5. Your contact details update will be sent to your practice for confirmation.
An email will be sent to you to confirm the process.

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