Registration for old online users

* Register step by step – Tutorial

1. Click the “Sign In” button on the top right of the web site.
The register screen will  open in a new tab in your internet browser.
2. Click on the Register button.
3. To register using this method you don’t need the registration letter.
So please click on NO and enter OL10 3SD on the postcode field, then click Next.
If you got the registration letter please click here and follow the tutorial from the step 3.
4. In this screen you will see a list of surgeries, click on 141 Argyle Street
(York House and Argyle Stree are now Heywood Health, click for more information).
then please click on Next.
5. Enter your details. The system will compare your details with your profile in the surgery database, if the details don’t match please call us to confirm your details.
The password must be at least 7 characters long or you can use your old password.
6. Check your Contact Details, and select the security questions.
Security questions are used in case you lose you password or ID. In that case during the process to recover your ID or retrieve a new password the system will display the security questions that you chose and you must to enter the right answer to complete the process, the security questions and the answers are private.
Read and tick the terms and conditions box, and click Next.
7. Congratulations you have now successfully created an account.

It is very important that you keep a copy of your ID number and don’t forget your password.

8. Call us on 01706 628628 please don’t forget tell us that you where previously online.