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Thank you for your reply and question. What I have done, and I hope you don’t mind, is to put yours together with several other questions and answers as we have had many good ones. You may even find answers to questions your glad someone asked. What follows is a selection with yours included.

  1. Q:I worry that I already can’t get an appointment when required under the new booking on line system, surely the appointments system will only get worse.
    A: We don’t blame you one jot for worrying about this. We will work hard to make sure that access is better than now.
  2. Q:Is Dr Tran still going to be with the service?
    A:Yes indeed Dr Tran will remain available.
  3. Q:What software do you envisage using for the face to face online consultations?
    A:Will it be available for a Microsoft PC and an Android tablet, and will a normal web cam be enough on my PC? When we have talked about such appointments we have simply thought “Skype”. We will check with the Greater Manchester Support Service IT department and see what they say. If it is other than Skype we will put this information on the website.
  4. Q:I hope that all patients all informed of the changes, and in particular the elderly, who are not so in touch with communications.
    A:Thank you for your concern for others. By email we can get info to about 66% of the practice population, by the right side of the prescription to about the same including almost all the elderly. We have opportunity at the practice to tell people so we believe we will get information to almost everyone. However we are working hard to ensure that there is precious little difference in the day to day running of the practice from the patient perspective, so missing the occasional person shouldn’t matter.
  5. Q:I also noted in the FAQs it is noted that patients will need to do some things themselves, such as take their own blood pressure.
    A:I think it would be good to clarify that the practice has a machine available for patients to do this. Thank you we will do as you suggest. Mind you home machines cost about £20 and will repay the cost to those who can afford as the readings are much more accurate and therefore treatment would be more targeted.
  6. Q:I am content with the proposal but only if we are going to stay with our Practice.
    A:We hope you notice no great difference and don’t expect any deterioration of service.
  7. Q:After seeing a doctor a little more information about what the doctor has diagnosed would be helpful and any self-help to ease the condition.
    A:We do have information handy for almost all conditions so simply ask. Also NHS Choices is worth an online search.
  8. Q:Are we still able to take prescriptions into the surfers while out shopping?
    A:There will be no new restriction on your choice of service.
  9. Q:Will we be able to see the doctors we see now at York Street Surgery as we are very happy with the care and service that all the staff have provided to us.
    A:Dr Guinevere and Dr Tran will still be here, the nursing staff and administrative staff will remain the same as now also.
  10. Q:What times are the meetings?
    A:Ah, yes, good question. The public meeting at the Civic Hall on Friday the 12th of February at 1.30pm. For those unable to attend during the day we are planning to hold two evening meetings for up to 40 people at 7pm on Monday 8th and Thursday 11th of that same week.
  11. Q:Will both the merged practices (York House and Argyle St Medical Centre) have the details of my advance decision already made?
    A:Yes they will as the whole of the patients’ record will be combined
  12. Q:Will there be any compulsion to combine social services care with medical care?
    A:I am against this becoming a reality. I am certain you will be able to tell the combined practice your wishes, which can include the stipulation that information is not to be shared with Social Services. Within Devo-Manchester the budgets for Health and Social Care will be combined as a way of increasing cost efficiency.
  13. Q:Please may I ask about the appointments is that regarding the hospital or surgery ones?
    A:The reference to appointments was purely to ones at the surgery; more’s the pity.
  14. Q:About the blood pressure would we have to hire or buy a machine or use the one in York House?
    Q:The one at York House will remain available as far as we know forever. Please see also answer to Q5.

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