Changes to Ordering Prescriptions

From Monday July 13th we are making ordering prescriptions safer for you and safer for us. However this means that you will no longer be able to order your prescriptions by phone. There will remain three ways of ordering prescriptions and we will work with the pharmacies to add a third. See below.

1. In Writing

Using the right hand side of the prescription you will tick the boxes of your request and place in the red box in reception. You may ask at reception for a copy of the right side if yours is lost or the dog has eaten it!

2. Online

An increasing number of patients, more than 400 so far, have registered or are registering to order their prescriptions online. We have leaflets in reception telling how this is done and allowing you to register to use this system for yourself and for your family.
Register for this service

3. Via your Pharmacy

Some local pharmacies can order your repeat prescriptions for you, either online which is quick or with paper which is slow. Ask your pharmacy how they can help you.


We understand that for many who are used to phoning this will seem like an extra difficulty in accessing this service. We are sorry for this but we know that safety is paramount. Once you have taken the plunge and gone on line, or got a family member to go online for you, then the process will appear even easier, and definitely much safer.
For our part we will try to process your requests midday Monday to Friday. Each chemist will have their own process for handling the prescriptions once they are received, and over this we have no control. So we suggest that you allow two full working days for your medicines to be ready at a pharmacy of your choice.

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