Difficult Times

Dear Each and Everyone,

We write to ask for your patience and understanding at what is a difficult time for us all.

We know it is frustrating not to have the same access to open surgery and appointments as before and can well understand your grumbles. In a way it’s a compliment to what we have previously achieved. What we cannot and will not tolerate is rudeness and aggression both face to face here at the surgery and online in Facebook and other social media. Many days we have staff in tears and this is unacceptable.

For those who are rude we shall write a letter to them asking them to be more controlled. For those repeatedly rude or verbally aggressive we shall insist they leave the list of patients at York House. This process has already started.

For your sake we are trying as hard as we can to hold the practice together to continue to provide care, but the very existence of the practice is under real threat; hence this letter to you.

Please be assured that we and all our colleagues are working towards improvement even as we struggle to keep the show on the road. The first of January 2016 is a date we are aiming for to provide you with the care we all wish.

Drs Michael & Guinevere Taylor

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