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Heywood Surgery Fusion

As you may now know we at York House practice are proposing a merger with Argyle Street Medical Centre to deliver care as one practice in the future. This document is to give you the key facts and seek your opinions and views on this proposed change.

? Why are the GP Practices proposing to merge?

There are two main reasons

      1. The Health Service is going to change significantly over the next 10 years and we want to be at the front of developments rather than bringing up the rear.
      2. Smaller practices are more vulnerable, so with the pressures on the health service the merger will provide a more stable unit for patients and staff.

? Will I be able to stay registered with my existing GP?

Strictly speaking you are not registered with a GP and haven’t been for the past five years or more; you are registered with your practice. You will be registered with the merged practice;
We aim to ensure that you will not notice any difference.

? Will I be able to see my own GP?

We at York House have always thought that knowing the patient and the patient knowing the doctor makes for better medical care. We are pleased to say that Argyle Street Medical Centre clinicians and staff share this same philosophy which makes merging with them so much easier.

? Will I be able to use the same clinics and services?

Yes, absolutely. If all goes according to plan everything will look and feel much the same with three possible exceptions.

      1. York House will again become a training practice so you may well see junior doctors and nurses who are gaining experience working with us.
      2. The telephone system should improve in that you will have more choices and waiting times to answer should be less.
      3. In a year or two we hope to streamline those services for the routine monitoring, for example such matters as blood pressure and other long term conditions. This will be simpler and more efficient. You may well note that we will be looking to see you around the time of each and every birthday!

? Will any of the services I use change?

All the services you have now will remain and will continue to be provided at both surgeries. Excitingly we hope to have hospital doctors working with us at York House and Argyle St. MC. Also you will need you to do more for yourself, for example measure your own blood pressure, make your own appointments etc. We will help all who need help.

? Are there any other benefits to the new arrangement?

You will be pleased to know that we hope to be able to make it easier to see a GP which has become quite difficult since the enforced retirement of Dr T. We already have mentioned an improved phone system and hospital doctors working with us. There will also be greater opportunity for phone consultations and even face to face electronic consultations for those who wish. We expect to be able to offer an evening surgery once again.

? How will I be able to contribute my views on the changes that are being proposed?

Before we answer this question please let us say how much we value your opinion. This is your NHS; your taxes pay our wages. We recognise we are here to help and serve you, but what is changing is now you also have to become increasingly responsible; giving us your thoughts and opinions is a splendid first step.

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