Life of a Prescription

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Life of a prescription

Why has my prescription request been rejected?

There are 2 main reasons why prescription requests may be rejected

  • Patient Safety – i.e. the clinician being asked to write the prescription has insufficient information to make a safe judgement on whether the medication is required.
  • Administration – the computer software will not allow adjustment to quantity or dose of medication without first rejecting the prescription request.

Prescription requests may also be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • Health checks or a medication review appointment may be required before it is safe to issue the medication requested.
  • It is our practice policy not to prescribe antibiotics without reviewing the patient other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • The medication requested has not been issued by the practice for more than 6 months.

If a prescription has been written by a hospital doctor this should be taken to the hospital pharmacy for dispensing. It is time consuming for us to have to rewrite the prescription and it is practice policy to reject requests to rewrite such prescriptions.

In line with Heywood Middleton and Rochdale CCG, York House Surgery is keen to ensure that only treatments that are clinically effective and provide a clear health benefit to patients are prescribed on NHS prescriptions.

“Some medicines that are used to treat minor ailments do not require the patient to be seen by a GP or Nurse employed within General Practice. These products can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets. Pharmacists and other suitably trained staff members are expert on providing advice around minor ailments; they are easy to access without an appointment and most local pharmacies provide HMR CCGs local Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS). Use of the MAS will free up GP time to see more complex patients and reduce the need for patients to attend A&E.”

What action should I take if my prescription request has been rejected?

If you have requested your usual repeat prescription and are happy that all of your health checks are up to date then it is most likely that your prescription request has been rejected only to enable us to alter the quantity of medication issued on the prescription. Your medication should be available for you to collect from the pharmacy within 2 working days.

If you have requested medication that has not been issued in the previous 3 months then you may consider discussing your request with a pharmacist to see whether they can help or, it may be necessary to speak with a GP/ Nurse or, book a face to face appointment. Our receptionists should be able to let you know which would be more appropriate.

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